Look into the BIG world with our Tiny drone X21W

Be the director of yourselves, record every previous moment easily Enjoy the different aerial photogrpahy experience.

Hover Function

With the advanced Barometric pressure technology, it enhances the shooting stability with hover function, and reduce the blurring of shooting due to the shaking of the aircraft.



FPV Wifi Camera

FPV is First Person View. With the camera installed on X21W, thorugh the transmission by wifi to your device, you will have an immersive experience on the screen of your device.


Unique remote control function of App, enables the users to experience the new fun of flying. To fly your drone even without the transmitter.

Waypoint Control

Go to "Syma Go" Apps, enter the waypoint control function. Simply draw a route on the screen with your fingertip, Syma X21W will then move in that direction automatically.

App Intellectual control Era "FLY" simply with one touch

1. Unlock Syma X21W, the propeller will start spinning gradually. Then press "", Syma X21W will start flying upward. 2. While Syma X21W is flying, press "", Syma X21W will gradually land on the ground.

Gravity control mode

Press "" on the screen, Syma X21W will be in gravity sensor control mode. Simply tilt your mobile to the left / right / forward / backward, Syma X21W will be following your movement.

Low Battery Protection: When the indicator lights are flashing, it means Syma X21W is in low battery. At this time, please return Syma X21W to home with your controller. If the battery is insufficient for returning home, Syma X21W will be landed automatically .

Overcurrent Protection: When the propeller of Syma X21W is being knocked / jammed while in flying mode, the over-current function will automatically stop the movement of the propeller to protect the damage of the drone itself.

Headless mode

The aircraft will always follow the command from the remote control once enter into the headless mode.

Syma Go

Entering into a new Era with Syma Apps

Syma has redefined the experience of professional aerial photography, your device can be your controller of our Syma drones. Syma brings you a richer and easier control function with our Syma App. Simply download and install "Syma Go" on your device to enjoy the special features . "Syma Go" comes with outstanding interface, despite of one key take off / landing, there are features such as one key on / off, waypoint function, gravity mode etc. Have an easier and smoother flying experience with our Syma X21W.

How to connect

Connect with the power source of the aircraft, the Wifi indicator light will be in green.

At the same time, go to "Select" to check for your wifi connection on your mobile, you may find Return to home and go to "SYMA GO" App, click "START" to enter the control menu.

"Syma Go" Control Interface

Warm reminder:

Please switch off the remote controller while you are using your device as the controller.

Waypoint Function Interface

Ways to control: After entering into the waypoint function control, press the start button on left to increase the throttle, and let the aircraft station at a certain of altitude,then draw a route on right side of the screen, Syma X21W will fly automatically accordingly to the route. You may also enter into the track directly.

Caution: Please pay attention on the safety of using the Apps Control with your device. Please press "STOP" immediately for any emergency to avoid any dangerous.


Main specifications

  • Item No.: X21W
  • Controlling distance: About 25 meters
  • Battery: 3.7V 380mAh Li-ion(included)
  • Flying time: About 4.5 minutes
  • Wifi Camera : Photos/Video(1MEGA)
  • Box Size: 32 X 20.5 X 7.5 cm
  • Charging time: About 90 minutes
  • Product Size: 13.5 X 13.5 X 3 cm
  • Transmitter Battery: 4"AA" batteries(not included)
  • Frequency: 2.4G

Package description

The following items can be found in this product package:

  • • Aircraft
  • • Mobile Phone Retaining Clip
  • • Remote Control
  • • Main Blade
  • • USB Charge
  • • Instruction Manual
  • • Battery

It is recommended to use Syma charging cable only to ensure the safety.