let your creativity fly

GPS positioning return system

X25Pro is installed with GPS Intelligent positioning return system. When you are having your outdoor fly, the aircraft will search the satellite signal automatically and implement with its positioning function.

Hover Function: aircraft can be set at certain altitude to stable the shooting.

Incontrollable State: Aircraft will return home automatically when it is disconnected.

Low Battery State: Aircraft will return home automatically when its battery is low.

FPV Live Stream

FPV is the first person view, with the live stream of Syma X25Pro, Under the same scenery, you will be impressed by a brand new angle of view with Syma.

Capture the moment

With the remotely controlled HD camera,you can capture every marvelous moment .

Radio controlled High-definition Rotatable camera

SYMA App leads you into the new aerial era

SYMA has redefined the professional of aerial experience. Now you can use your mobile phone to control your drone. Controlling functions are much more convenience. Right now, by installing the “SYMA FLY”App to your mobile phone and enjoy the special function that SYMA brings to you.”SYMA FLY” does not only have the remarkable interface,but also the funtions of one-key take off/landing,one-key start/stop, track of flight etc.You can enjoy simple and easy flying experience with “SYMA FLY”.

Circle flight

When the aircraft fly to any point, click "GO" at right bottom corner, then the aircraft will fly surrounding with the phone / pilot.

follow ME

When the aircraft is away from the phone more than 10m, click "GO" on right bottom corner, then the pilot keep walking forward, the aircraft will then follow after you.


On the area where identified by the map, click on any point on the map, and then click "GO" at the right bottom corner, the aircraft will automatically fly to that specified location.

Apps control

With the unique Apps control function, you can experinece the different type of remote control flying.

Flight Plan

Open the "SYMA FLY" App, simply by using your fingertips to draw your route on the screen, the aircraft will be then auto-piloted with the given path as per your drawing.

Hover Function

With the advanced Barometric pressure technology, it enhances the shooting stability with hover function, and reduce the blurring of shooting due to the shaking of the aircraft

Headless Mode

The aircraft will always follow the command from the remote control once enter into the headless mode.

One Key Take Off / Landing

After code matching, the aircraft can be taken off / landed gradually by pressing only one button on the remote control.

One Key take off

One Key Landing

extra-tough casing

By using the ABS material on the fuselage, resulted in stronger tenacity, corroision resistance, wear resistance and gives a better protection when falling off.

Double protection

1. Low Battery Protection: When the indicator lights are flashing, it means Syma X25Pro is in low battery. At this time, please return Syma X25Pro to home with your controller. If the battery is insufficient for returning home, Syma X25Pro will be landed automatically .

2. Overcurrent Protection: When the propeller of Syma X25Pro is being knocked / jammed while in flying mode,the over-current function will automatically stop the movement of the propeller to protect the damage of the drone itself.

Independent ESCs provide worry-free flying experience

syma quadcopter that added the ESC with built-in automatic lock protection and high termperature lock protection. It ends up pilot's worry about motor and ESC turn out due to dead lock. The ESCs support 2S-3S capacity Li-polymer battery.


1000 mAh

The charging time is about 150 minutes

Hover flight time is approximately 12 minutes

Unqiue package design for battery provides extra assurance for battery safety.

It is recommended to use Syma charging cable only to ensure the safety.

reinforced blades

Heat-resistance, Corrosion resistance and wear-resisting are enhanced by using the nylon engineer plastics on our blades.


Main specifications

Item No.: X25PRO
Battery: 7.4V 1000 mAh Li-ion(included)
Charging time: About 150 minutes
Transmitter Battery: 4"AA" batteries(not included)
Controlling distance: About 180 meters
Flying time: About 12 minutes
Box Size: 45.4 X 10 X 26.5 cm
Product Size: 37.5 X 37.5 X 11 cm
Frequency: 2.4G

Package description

The following items can be found in this product package:

• Aircraft
• Remote Control
• Main Blade
• USB Charge
• Instruction Manual
• Battery