Foldable Syma Z-3


Unassembled folding drone gives you a more convenience flying experience


new flight technology

Have in hand for the main functions just in 10 seconds

  • Folding drone body

  • one key take off / landing

  • headless mode

  • gravity sensor

  • Real time transmission

  • WiFi camera

  • barometric pressure hover function

  • 360 degree stunt

Delicate folding

inspiration design with 12.5cm folding

Further save up the space of your backpack

Streamlined design

Curve lines help to reduce the wind resistance during the flight

unimpeded flying experience

  • ≥8 minutes/ 20 minutes

    battery lifecycle during a continuous flying

  • >80m

    indoor flying distance

  • ≤80m

    a smooth real time transmission distance

  • <120 minutes

    battery charging time

  • 2.4G

    frequency remote control

  • 3.7V 500mAh/ 3.7V 1500 mAh

    Battery volume, easy to replace with modular battery

Just bring along your backpack to enjoy the light department

aircraft will reduce it‘s size from 19.5cm to 13cm after it is being folded

  • 116 g

    Drone body weight

  • 12.5 cm

    folded size

HD camera

equipped with HD camera, everything is natural and real

  • 720P


  • 100W Wifi

    mobile phone pixel

  • ≤80m

    a smooth real time transmission distance

Optical Flow Positioning Barometric Pressure Hover Function

  • Collected obstacles data through the optical flow sensor to present the auto follow function

  • Stabilize hover function with precise height and position locking, aircraft remain at its current altitude when the remote control is inactive

  • acquisition obstacle data through barometric pressure and optical flow sensor, double locking enables a more stable hover function, as well as a clearer photo shooting

Aerial photography

under barometric pressure

Aerial photography

without barometric pressure

Multi Gameplay Multi Control

By tilting your mobile phone in gravity mode, you can move the aircraft to front, back, left and right. You may also use the remote control as usual.

01 Remote control

02 Gravity control

Carefree flying

Simple Operation, beginners can also enjoy the fun of drone in 10 minutes

Real Time Transmission

A unhindered real time transmission within 80m, let you be with your aircraft all the time

Gravity control by Apps

Download Syma official App (Applicable to IOS / Android), connect the drone by WiFi, and switch on the gravity mode to control the aircraft

tag the flight plan icon

press and hold the right joystick

Swing left & right, back & forth the mobile phone to control the aircraft

Flight plan by APP

Under mobile phone control, tag to open the flight pan, draw the flight plan on the screen, the aircraft will fly according to your plan


Fancy stunt pattern gives you brand new excitement

Modular battery SAFE

The external packaging of the battery provides extra protection for the battery, making it easier to replace the battery, flight time can reach 8 minutes or above

It is recommended to use Syma charging cable only to ensure the safety.

Charging guideline

Clip the attached USB charging cable to  the rechageable battery

Remark: Make sure the voltage is 5V for the input current (Based on input current  for 2A battery,  the difference on the input will influence  the charging time) Indication light will on  during charging, and goes off after charging  is completed

Guideline of remote control

1.5V AA batteries x 4 (not included)

Guideline of App control

specification parameter

Item No: Z3
Colour: white
Battery: 3.7V 500mAh/3.7V 1500 mAh
Remote control battery: 2AA×4
Channels: 4 channels
Flying time: around 8 minutes/20 minutes
Controlling distance around 80 m
Functions optical flow positioning, gravity sensor, orbiting, FPV real time transmission, intelligent hover function, one key takes off/landing, 360-degree stunt, headless mode, high/low speed switching

Remark: size indication is for reference only actual productsmay be with 0-1cm size difference

size before folding

size after folding

product accessories